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How secure are my BAC results? What’s the benefit of sharing them?

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2019 09:18AM PDT
The BACtrack app puts you in control of your BAC results, allowing you to choose how much data you'd like to share, if any at all.

There are basically 3 modes of Data Storage: Sharing Anonymously, Storing Remotely, and No Data Storage.

By default, your results do not leave your mobile device and are erased every time you close the app (No Storage).

Should you choose to, you can save your results and view your history, helping you gain insight regarding your drinking trends. These results are Stored Remotely on BACtrack Servers. Your name is not affiliated with the readings (unless you have changed the account name, using your actual name in it). By default, the readings are attached and saved with a randomized name like, "BACtracker-0847jk3." At this setting, you also have the option to share your results privately with loved ones via text message.

Choose to Share Readings Anonymously, and your BAC results will be added to the BACtrack WorldView map—a global atlas of anonymous BAC readings. Again, unless you've changed the default account name to your actual name, the results will be associated with a randomized name like, "BACtracker-973nj773." 

Finally, should you choose to, your can share readings publicly on a social network like Twitter or Facebook. But that is obviously only at your discretion. 

For a more detailed explanation of how to achieve these settings, read this article on Privacy Settings / Data Storage

Deleting Data
No matter what the level of data storage being employed, the user always has the option of erasing all her readings from the cloud. To do this, simply turn off the “Store My Data” slider. You’ll receive an “Are you sure?” notification, as it will delete all your past readings. Click yes, and all readings, past and present, will be erased permanently.

What’s the benefit of sharing BAC results?
At BACtrack, we believe the more we talk about our testing our BAC, the better off we all are at raising awareness of drunk driving. The NHTSA reports that over 10,000 people die every year from alcohol-impaired driving. By testing yourself and sharing your results, you are doing your part to drive that number down. You are telling others that you made the choice to drink responsibly. The more this idea is raised public forums, the less irresponsible behavior will occur, and hopefully, the less lives will be lost to drunk driving. 

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